You need this to get to the Next Level

I'm here to tell you that you need COMMUNITY. People who think just like you. ME! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I am here to bring light into what you and I are actually thinking. You need to hear the real talk of how to live a happier life. Do you feel tormented, trapped sad at work, or just feeling like you could be contributing more to your community, to the WORLD? I have and let me tell you it is a horrible feeling. Like disgusting inside. 🤧🤢🤕🤒 What you are feeling is normal, these thoughts are valid and just the fact that you can conceptualize this, that means that you know it is possible. Just because society says that you have to work at a job, even if it makes you unhappy, does not mean that you have to live this way. First we have to believe it, then dream it, then make it possible.

The Support System

I have been listening to Screw the Nine to Five Podcast for the last 2 years. Through finding this team and listening to what they had to say about finally leaving your day job, I made the necessary steps and was able to leave my nine to five.

Jill and Josh Stanton over at Screw the Nine to Five have been crucial during this life transition journey that I have been on. The Screw the Nine to Five Podcast by Jill and Josh Stanton is a MUST LISTEN. They are entrepreneurs that say, ”Warning, this podcast may cause you to quit your job and start a business.” Um... hello. Yes I am here for this. Give me all of the tea. This podcast is best for entrepreneurs aka YOU. Are The. Boss. 💯 I have been listening to their podcast for over 2 years. I used the tips, tricks, and the insight that they give on their FREE podcast to ultimately LEAVE MY JOB.

I'm Taking the Plunge

Investing in a course that teaches you step by step how to create a course is my next leap. The course that I want to create will benefit my tribe. Club extra is a tribe of women that are always over dressed for the occasion, unapologetically themselves, enjoy a little EXTRA of what life has to offer, and loves GOLD. ✨ All. The. Gold.

Join me and lets be in the Course Creators Bootcamp together. The course starts on July 19

Here’s a peek at what you get for less than your weekly latte spend: The course is just $37.

😎 Daily LIVE step-by-step training sessions with Josh to help you design your offer

🤯Daily mindset coaching with Jill Stanton to help you eliminate the biggest blocks that are keeping you from having the success, impact and momentum you crave

🙌🏻 Daily feedback and implementation support from the CCB Coaches that are in the group to help you get clarity, direction and momentum

🚀 “Fill-in-the-Blanks” Course Blueprint to help you lay out your entire program and design it in a way that is so damn irresistible, it’ll practically sell itself!

Plus, you’ll also get this FREE BONUS:

💰The How To Create A Six Figure Virtual Launch Masterclass that hands you a no-brainer strategy you can use to sell the hell out of your offer every time you run a promotion

You can get all the details over 👉🏽 here.

If you don’t know what to teach or where to even start....this is where it ALL begins!

So? You gonna join me? Course Creators Bootcamp

✌🏽 Christina


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